wash(wasmCloud Shell)をUbuntuにインストール


wasmCloud の CLI ツールの wash をインストールします


# washのインストールcurl -s https://packagecloud.io/install/repositories/wasmcloud/core/script.deb.sh | sudo bashsudo apt install wash openssl

# wasmCloudの起動
❯ wash up --detached

🛁 wash up completed successfully
🕸  NATS is running in the background at
🌐 The wasmCloud dashboard is running at http://localhost:4000
📜 Logs for the host are being written to /home/nash1111/.wash/downloads/wasmcloud_4000.log

⬇️  To stop wasmCloud, run "wash down"

http://localhost:4000/でダッシュボードが見えていれば起動できています wasmCloudDashboard.png

次の投稿で、wasm から Actor を作り、ハローワールドをします